Friday, 12 March 2010

I am anti-psychotic.

I'm back on the Quetiapine, because I am HIGHLY STRUNG. No word of a lie, if you look at my list of psychiatric diagnoses (or, actually, my psych notes in general) they pretty much say REBECCA CONDRON IS HIGHLY STRUNG. In fact, they're probably a, whatshisbob, um... you know where the first letter of every word spells out a word or phrase? Oh, a (wait a sec, whilst I consult Google)- MNEUMONIC. I've forgotten now where I was going with this. Oh, the anti-psychotics. My psychiatrist (I enjoy the word 'psychiatrist', I relish it. Syyyyyyy-KY-a-triiiiiiiist! I also lovelovelove starting sentences with 'my psychiatrist says...' Hahahaha) has whacked me back on them, but with a slight difference. Seroquel XR is the 'prolonged release' version of the boggy Seroquel that I was on last year, which I HATED because what it did was it totally knocked me out for a few hours, then when I de-zombified I was deaddead manic until I took it again, 12 hours later. My logic tends to be a leeeeeeeettle (hahaha), hmm. Unlogical, as a rule. But I'm pretty sure that it's 100% rational and logical and sane and undisordered (AKA, ordered) to presume that the 'prolonged release' version of those bad boiiiis would spread the effects, making them less intense. Right?

Apparently not. I had a lovely Valium-esque hour, where I just sort of floated and then, BOOM. Zombie. I slept about 18 hours, with little (emphasis on little. You're looking at about a minute and a half from when I tried to get up to where I was asleep on the floor. Mmmm, necrophilic times. No, shit, wait. Not necrophilic. NARCOLEPTIC. Same thing, same thing.) breaks, where I went all hyper-Bulimic and woke up to try to binge. Hahahaha, verrrry funny because I kept waking up in ridiculous places.

I can't decide when to take them now. It's a toss up. Cake or sedation, cake or sedation. Hahahahaha, I've really learnt now that you just can't eat when you're a zombie. Oh, hang on, maybe I need to try HUMAN FLESH. Shut up, brain. Being highly strung chucks some right hard questions at you. I'm really tackling the issues here. Cake/sedation/sedation/cake. HUMAN FLESH? Hmm.


  1. TAKE YOUR MEDS, BITCH. I hate taking meds but THEY SAVE LIVES! With all honesty though. Concentrate on getting stabilised for a bit and then you can talk to your psychiatrist about coming off of them, you need to be STABLE AND OKAY before you start thinking about it, okay? I feel so knowledgable and full of wisdom. I'VE BEEN TAKING MEDS FOR TOO LONG ;D and I just did a quick-wiki' and found out that the one I was on a few weeks ago is for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. ME SO EXATEEK ;)

  2. Ah, you silly. I am drugged up REYT NOW. I dooooo have a habit of coming off meds all of a sudden and against advice and lalalala, though. All the shit last summer when I went all crazy arse and SHITDABED the world is ending is 'cause I came off my meds, hahahahaha. Lesson LEARNT.

  3. I 'memba last Summer too well. Fuck me. I loveth thee my filthy muvva fucka!