Saturday, 27 March 2010

It is early.

It's not even really all that early. Not really. It's almost half 5- that's nearly real morning. This time tomorrow, it'll be half 6, almost. It seems so close to magic, when the clocks change. Ignore that it was a WW2 government thing and it is magic. I'm never sure if 'government' should start with a capital letter. If the next one is a coalition, I shall give it a capital.

I don't like being awake when the clocks change, at the second where they go back or forward. You can't witness magic, just illusion.

My sleep is fucked. Tonight I slept 2 hours. Last night I slept 18 and a half. The night before, barely an hour. I've just put lipstick on, bright red. I want to be a lipstick girl. I have the makings- I don't wear jeans and if I wore a different dress each day, just the one, I'd have over a months worth. I always forget to buy shoes, though. I think that's deliberate, on one level or another, because my feet are claustrophobic.

I, myself, have a phobia of milk. I love fancy arse cheese, though, so my bones are like diamond. I presume. I have never broken a bone or a diamond.

I wish I wasn't the only person in the world with odd sleeping habits. There's nowt on telly.

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