Sunday, 4 July 2010

I deleted my formspring.

I take criticism far too personally (actually, how else can a person take criticism against their character?) and so I came to the conclusion that belonging to a site where people can anonymously attack you was pretty bloody stupid. I don't really get the point of; I know some people get loads of interesting questions, but unless you're going to attack somebody, what's the point in being anonymous? But then, if you don't have the courage of your convictions to say whatever it is to the persons face (or inbox. Oh, these modern times) and you hide behind anonymity then, well... you're a pussy. I mean, don't get me wrong- I'd rather people lied to me and pretended they liked me than were mean and horrible. I love a good and beautiful lie about myself, I don't go in much for horrible truths. But the thing with formspring is that the people (actually, I think the longer attacks were one person. And I'm pretty sure I know who that person was. And I think she should stop reading my blog and get a life) bitchin' were obviously on my Facebook, because that's where the link to my formspring was. And so they were lying to my face and bitching behind my back and THAT is not allowed.

Just lie to my face and leave it at that, please. It's nice not having it now, because every time I went to check my profile I vom'd in my mouth, out of fear, at the thought of there being something mean there. I ought to get a bit of perspective, I know- for one thing it's FORMSPRING. It's really unimportant and irrelevant to everything. And the attacks generally revolved around how open I am on here, which doesn't even make any sense; it's MY blog, my space to write. And actually, out of the 70-odd questions and comments I got, fewer than 5 of them were negative.

But perspective is not my specialist subject.


  1. "it's MY blog, my space to write"

    I have to disagree, The Internet is NOT yr space. it is an open playground for anyone to express their views and You are the one who has put yourself out there for comments, criticism or whatever remarks........ if you dont want them then dont let people leave comments - duh! you can't expect to express yourself on public, open forums without people reading & commenting on them. and The Webb is not like real life so people will always be more honest/cruel and thats just the way it is.

  2. Oh christ, you're kidding me? My point was... Don't like my blog, don't read it. Easy. People WERE being deliberately insulting, it wasn't commentary and I refuse to believe that there is any need for that. You being anonymous speaks volumes- having the ways and means (the ability to hide your identity, for example) to be rude or insulting or judgemental doesn't mean that it's right. People are as entitled to their opinions as I am to mine, I just wish people could separate my forum from theirs- the things said in my formspring had never been said to my face. This, right here, is my forum. The internet may not belong to me, but I've bagsied this URL. Hahahahahaha.