Monday, 26 July 2010

RIP, Grandpa.

I wish I wasn't on track to repeat my mistakes.



  1. I'm sorry to be reading this. You last blog makes a bit more sense now - I assume that it was about this? If I'd known I'd have left my long message for a better time rather than put it on you now. I know there is not really anything I can say or do to help, but I will say that I honestly hope you and your family are okay and I hope even more that it was peaceful and pain-free for your grandad.
    And I just want to say that although you might feel like you are on track to repeat your mistakes, you are heading in the right direction and like you said, anything that is happening right now is a fall UP the stairs, not down. You only have to look back at where you were in our first year of college, at where we were to see how much we have changed for the better. Don't lose sight of how far you've come already.
    I think I'll pick up the phone tomorrow and ring a few people I should talk to more often.

  2. I love you Rebecca and I know that you can make it through hard times. Life is so busy and exhausting for many of us right now, one tragedy after the other. I dont know how you are feeling, but I am sending you a warm hug and much strength xo

  3. Oh darling I'm sorry for the loss. If you tell yourself that you will make the same mistakes you did before, then you'll fulfill the prophecy and it will happen, so even through this difficult time remind yourself that can do things differently. Take care love. x