Monday, 18 October 2010

Just a thought.

The other night I was on the dance floor and I realised that I would not be young forever. One day I'd have to stay in or else be one those sad middle aged women, wishing she was 20-something and telling the world what she could have been, whilst dancingdancingdancing. To go from being so young and vital and alive, to looking in the mirror and realising that you can no longer wear what you like and say what you like- to having to dress in elegance and poise or else to be a second class citizen. We'll all be cougars and mole men or else boring fucks.

I've always thought it must be so depressing, when you stop saying that what you want to be and what you want to change and make and see and hear, and instead start saying what you'd wish you had done. I hope I always do things. Do I want to reach my goals and then risk having nothing to strive for? Yes, I think I do. Better to have reached the top than to be sitting at the bottom thinking what could have been.

I suppose before all of that starts, I need to start being young.

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