Wednesday, 2 March 2011

30 photos (well, ok, 5 photos).

I know this is tres tumblr of me, but I've decided that I'm going to do the 30 day photo thing. Except I won't do one everyday, I'll do five whenever I can be arsed and tag the posts so that you can stick them together IF THAT'S WHAT YOU FANCY. Worry not, my mental health babbling will continue shortly (ahem, probably tomorrow. Hahahahaha), because I know that's what you want from me and I aim to please (that's why I'm so fit). But hey... now you can pretend that you know me and not just my mental state, hahahahaha.

1. A picture of yourself and ten facts.

10 facts about what? Me? Pfft! You should know more than 10 facts about me! YOU SHOULD STALK THIS BLOG! Can I give you 10 facts that I just LIKE? Yes?
1. Margaret Thatcher went on an egg diet in '79, to prepare for the election. When she got in, she just ate the souls of the working classes. And babies.
2. The most fatal biscuit is a custard cream.
3. Koalas have forked penises. Except the ladies, they have two fannies.
4. Southerners can't drink for shit.
5. The most delicious drug combination is Valium and Seroquel. I advise all to buy and mix, it's like being drunk but SO MUCH BETTER (and calorie-free). 'Cept if you die or summat, I would like to disclaim um, that I'm not REALLY telling you to take them?
6. Women are most attractive just after their period. I think it's probably the relief that they can have sex again and wear white and they're not bleeding or PMS-ing no more, but apparently there's summat sciencey about fertility about it. That's why old ladies aren't fit.
7. Red lipstick makes men think of fannies. That's why they like it. Although, see above... Blood? Weird.
8. Whales are really big.
9. So's the solar system.
10. People once thought that bumble bees were too fat to fly, aerodynamically, and there was this big mystery around it. Then someone realised the bloke who said that had got his maths wrong. Tool.

2. A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

Me, Momma Ginge and James, circa 1991 <3

3. A picture of the cast from your favourite show.

Obsessed does not even begin to cover it.

4. A picture of your night.

Tesco value vodka. All night, every night... and day ;)

5. A picture of your favourite memory.

NYE 2009/10, setting fire to a pair of size 0 shorts. So excited for the new decade, the prospect of health.

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  1. Ahhh. Best blog ever. Even better than the Tinie one...and we both have seen the stats of that beast