Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I'm more woman than you.

I went years without having periods. Amenorrhea is sort of like the consolation prize with an eating disorder, sort of like when Weetos gave away free trolls in the '90s- shit cereal, great toy. You're hairy. You're bloated. You become a selfish, immature shell, existing only to service your demons. BUT ON THE PLUS... you save a few quid every month on tampons. If white wasn't so unflattering and impractical (especially if you live in Scunthorpe, where everything gets coated in soot), you could wear white all month long.

But now my body has decide that now I'm eating better, I must be a woman. Which is good, my boobs have definitely got better (they've always been good, but still) and I don't get as much body hair, but do I really need to be QUITE this much of a woman? I swear, I'm bleedin' every other week. Pfft.

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