Sunday, 13 March 2011


The religious piss me off. I'm not going to rephrase that, I'm not going to attempt to make it PC. I criticise Christians sporadically, but never those of other faiths. That's because I feel I know Christianity well enough (13 years of Catholic education) to state my views, whereas I'm more careful about my knowledge of other faiths.

But now I'm being general.

Religion is this big invisibility cloak. Or maybe it's rose tinted glasses. Why would an all powerful god (whichever god you think you worship) do something just because you prayed enough for it? Why would your god be so childish and demanding? Surely a god would rather you use the resources he supposedly gave you, to DO something. I can't help but think a god would be disappointed that he gave you all this shit, and instead of using it to the best humanitarian way, you sit and beg him to sort shit for you. Move. Do something. Don't sit there and pat yourself on the back for asking somebody else, somebody you don't even know for sure exists, to do it for you.

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