Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Eating disorders and contraception.

I am most definitely at a bit of disadvantage when it comes to contraception and knowledge of it and all that balls; I seriously would never even consider sending my child to a faith school. Even if not for the fact that most religious people are bigoted twats (I love to generalise, shhhhhh), hahahahaha. So come on, let's have a bit of, um, peer learnin' and teachin'. Momma Ginge is all about the pill, she wanted me to go on it when I was about 13, but obviously that's probably not the BEST idea for me. My eating disorder is pretty stable right now, in that it's not all that bad, but I don't know how long that's going to last. So I'm not sure I should be reliant on summat I could vom'.

I thought I fancied the injection, 'cept that's more likely to cause weight gain. So that's out. Maybe. I don't know, I guess I'd gain more weight if I was pregnant, eh? I don't want the IUD/IUS because I like to think that my vag is all delicate and that (at least some part of my has to be, right?) and I don't want owt to shatter that allusion, hahahahaha. And I'm not having the (g)implant 'cause that grosses me out. I have no problem with vom' or shit, but having summat that I can poke out of my arm is just A LITTLE BIT TOO DISGUSTING.

Maybe I should revert back to the Catholic way of pulling out, HA.

I've actually just sort of talked myself into the pill, purely 'cause the NHS tells me there's no evidence I'll gain weight on it. But I found a website that said 20% of people lose weight on the injection... I'm drowning in information. TELL ME WHAT TO DO.


  1. I did all that with the nuns too. That shit messes you up. "This is how you use a condom - but you must never EVER do that because you will burn in hell if you do..."

    Didn't gain on the pill, none of my friends did, so for those who do, it might just be a placebo effect. Although I went up a cup size in literally a fornight. That wasn't too bad.

  2. Hahahahahaha, I already have 32Ds so that could end up a disaster for me ;) I'm just a bit worried about forgetting it or vom'ing it, although I'm on 5 different meds now that manage to stay in, I think. I'm just waaaaaaaaaaay cautious, the world does not need a baby Condron running about.

  3. Lol. The world is seriously not ready for a smaller version of you. It would be like a Tazmanian Devil being unleashed!

    I think the best bet is honestly the implant. I know the arm thing can be a bit weird but once it's in you don't even know its there. You don't have to think, 'ugh im too fat for them to see my arse for an injection' or 'have i just puked the pill?'. Like, i know it isn't inevitable that you will vom' and shit but it's sensible that you're taking in that very real possibility.
    I had the implant when i was younger and didn't gain anything at all, which was win. I did have some problems with my period though, which is apparently rare but Chantybum had the same problems with hers so....either its just our genes or they're shit lol

    Its always so difficult to make a decision about contraception so think long and hard (no pun intended!). I know the coil looks and sounds terrifying but it is meant to be dead quick, if that helps

    If all else fails, work that femidom! hahahaha

  4. WELL, here's my advice ;) which, of course, you may already know, as we usually talk about these things in a less public forum :')

    The pill that you take everyday (the same drug that is in the implant) made me gain a lot of weight, which made me depressed.com, and possibly is the reason that food shit has been really bad in the last while. I've changed to the one you take for three weeks and then off for a week, and I don't think it's made me put on weight, but it has made me get more emotional, the reason I went on the first one was because it was better mood-wise, but then again, I don't know if my moods/anxiety/crying/etc. have gone to shit because of the tablet, or because I don't have any therapy etc. anymore.

    SO, to sum up.. that's all I know. Hahahahahaha. And yes, faith schools are terrible for sex ed. Abso shite.


  5. IMPLANT - you cannot feel it, although I feel you may forget to take your other meds and maybe CUT it out of yourself, which could be Messy, get the injection, or just don't have sex at all. :)

  6. Same about the Ds. God it's mad. Didn't need them any bigger! But seems like a very common side effect, massive knockers seem unavoidable.

    Get a lady doctor, chances are they've tried a couple and take the side effects more serious than grumpy man doctors, so can give you better advice.

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