Monday, 6 June 2011

Last exam tomorrow.

I'm tired of feeling guilty over not revising. I wonder what I'll find to feel guilty over next, aha. And it's my uni's Summer Ball on Saturday which I'm looking forward to and dreading, all at once. I'm looking forward to getting dressed up and seeing everyone (apart from Willis, I'm actually gutted that she's not coming but I completely understand why she isn't) and dancing and EVERYTHING. But that's sort of worrying me. Please, PLEASE just let me feel a bit more comfortable in my skin on Saturday. I'm not going to beg a higher power to make me pretty, but it'd be nice not to feel grotesque (I'm directing this at whichever god fancies listening, I'm not fussy who picks it up). I just want one night. Please, just one night of not being grotesque.

1 comment:

  1. There is nothing that needs to change in a physical sense to achieve this, you are already far from grotesque, you just need to believe it yourself, babe.
    I know it will do your head in but you could try taking ages to get ready. That way, you KNOW you have spent time on grooming or some shit and it may boost your confidence?

    i love you