Sunday, 12 June 2011

Summer ball.

My uni's summer ball was amazing. Think fairground rides and games, alcohol, Scott Mills, tacky music, good music, food, friends and... yeah, dead lovely. Looking through the pictures I look- hmm. Not as big as I feared but not as, yanno NOT BIG as I'd wished. I'm trying not to obsess because, for once, I had so much fun without needing to be ridiculously drunk. I can't say I felt pretty, but I didn't feel TOO hideous either. And I'll take that, I'll definitely take that.

My dress, all spinny:

Me and (you can just about see) my boyfriend, Daryl.

Sadie and I, pretending to be housewives.

Sadie and I, missing the fact that you're meant to look at the camera, hahahaha.

Me and Mark being just, well, Me and Mark...


  1. Ohh look at you :) You look wonderfully beautiful

  2. Ahh i just love your dress. I can't lie - i was excited for the shoes but good on you for valuing those little leggies enough not to smash dem bitches ap!

    Love you x