Friday, 8 July 2011

A mustard skirt.

I just bought a mustard coloured, knee-length jersey pencil skirt. It sounds horrific, but you'll find one of these days that pretty much all of my clothes are pretty nightmare-ish, it's howz I likez 'em. The thing with it is, it's like a second skin and j'ai l'horreur de mes cuisses. But shit kids, I look fit as owt in it. I have nowt really more to say about it, I just wanted to brag about how sexy I look in mustard pencil skirts.

I got my uni results yesterday, 66%. So a 2:1. I'd have been disappointed if, when everything was going peachier last year, I'd have been told that I'd get a 2:1 for the year. But as it is, I suppose it's alright- there's not a lot I can do about it now, anyway. Considering how ill I've been and how little work I did (I revised a few hours per exam. I'm starting to think I'm a genius ;)) and everything, IT'S ALRIGHT. Just means I'll have to get myself a first next year, at least this year doesn't really count for owt.

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  1. I think you did amazingly. If i was in your position, i would be crying in to the bottom of a bottle, and trying to work out whether i could be arsed living long enough to retake my first year so WOO for you!