Saturday, 19 November 2011


Sometimes I miss formspring. Ish. I mean, I took the whole thing way too personally, I should have enjoyed all the hate that I got (which, actually, probably only equated to less than a quarter of all I got in there and mostly then just involved people calling me an attention seeker. Snore) and reveled in all the attention I got, which I apparently crave, and the interesting questions people asked through that. I sound bitter, hahahaha. I do crave attention, but so does everybody, of course. But I've blogged about that before (hang on, and I'll find it.. and then, less directly, I spoke about it here, and so I'll not go into it again.

Instead, to tie everything here I've said, I'm going to do a formspring thing of asking for questions (which is also, of course, asking for attention, HAHAHAHAHA). I don't vlog, I'm all about the written word (and, to be honest, a lot of people have trouble understanding my accent, which is pretty gloriously northern) but most people I've seen who DO vlog seem to have dedicated, at some point, an entry to answering people's questions.

So I'm doing that, give me questions and I'll be as open as I possibly can. Even if you're a bit mean, pahahahaha. You can comment on this entry with them, or facebook me (Rebecca Condron, in case you didn't know my name. Oh wow). Now, don't leave me hanging, yeah? ;)


  1. Why don't you make a formspring blocking anon questions?xx

  2. I think formspring's pretty much dead these days! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx