Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas excitement.

I am ridiculously excited. It might in part be my new anti-depressos (I meant to say a few weeks ago, they finally changed them), but whatever- I haven't been this excited for Christmas since I was about 8. And it's not even the presents, because I know I won't be getting very much. I've already had some incredible shit from Ellis and Team Willis, and what with now being single and MG being a skint bint, an' that. But it's being home and with the family, which is very trite but very true. MG and I are off out for tea tonight and then we're off to Murderhell (big shopping jobby outside Sheffield) tomorrow. Then on Christmas eve we're taking my youngest cousins to the cinema then we're going to have a take-away and get fucked, hahahaha. Christmas day we're off to spend the day with my grandma, two of my aunties, one of my uncles and my youngest cousins and then on the 27th one of my aunties is having a big family do which will be the perfect combo of alc, food and karaoke- I come from a line of amazing(ly bad) singers, so it's an almighty win. Despite what Aisy might say, '...but seriously. YOU SHOULD HONESTLY NEVER SING. IT WAS HONESTLY THAT BAD. And I mean I'm generally not one for harsh truths but DEAR GOD' it'll be summat to behold. ;)

Yep, lots of food everywhere. And I don't care, I'm not worried. I weighed myself earlier on in the week and freaked, then I've restricted a wee bit this week (actually, the amount I've eaten is probably more like a dieter, than owt. I've just gone a bit light, nothing ridiculous), just to put my mind at rest, but I'm going to enjoy this Christmas! Bar last year, which was also lovely, Christmas has usually been a tough time for me, just with food and everyone being happy and me being miserable and everything. Christmas 2009 was mostly spent crying and vom'ing and I will neverevereverever have a Christmas like that again. I'm going to fucking enjoy this one, babies!


  1. I always thought you were a beautiful singer...

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, The Condom Shepherds 4lyf

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!