Monday, 25 June 2012

It's never simple.

I'm angry. I'm really angry. I missed my exams, a couple just because I was so unprepared from all the shit over the last year, and a couple 'cause I was actually in hospital for them. The ones that I missed because I was unprepared were pre-planned, student support and my department told me that the exam board would most likely allow me to take the exams in September. And lo and behold, I got an email today from the exam board saying that not only can I not do that, but I have to retake my whole year. If I can get a doctor's note saying that I'm fit to, just to add insult. Oh my God, I'm angry.

I despise my university. I liked it in the first year, but throughout my second year I've felt like every week I'm having a meeting with a new body within in, to beg for them not to throw me out 'cause my mental health. For what? To make myself so ill that I ended up with this fucking Section 3 on my fucking record, and then to be told that none of that has been enough. I've worked my arse off to get this mentally healthy, and it's not enough. And they want me to do another fucking two years, during which I'll no doubt have to spend the entire time fighting to stay on the course, making myself ill to jump through their hoops and give the impression that I reach their fucking arbitrary level of mental health.

Well, they win. They fucking win. I've appealed the decision, and if they don't let me catch up over the summer and then start my last year in September, I'm gone. I'm sick of them degrading me, making me beg, and so I am fucking DONE.

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  1. I am sooo sorry to hear of your disappointment, that is awful after all your hard work to keep it together. I feel for you:(