Saturday, 2 June 2012

Massive lolz ('cept, not really).

Read back my last entry, right...? Then picture me bawling, Ginge coming home and finding me banging my head against the wall and then picture me on the psych ward 12 hours later. Absolute zero surprise, non?

This is just a rush entry; I have so much to say, but I felt like I couldn't leave it at the last one. I'm currently on a Section 3 (oh yes. The scary one. The ones that means I can't travel outside the EU really everrrr, can't apply for a job without declaring it, everrrr...), but I have 11 days leave, begged partly so that I can go to my uni's summer ball next week, TRUTH BE TOLD. Although condition of my leave is that I don't drink. AS. IF. Pahahahaha. Anyway, I just wanted to share the progression, muchos muchos to write later or tomorrow.

In the mean time, um, here's a nice summery picture taken at Cleethorpes, the day before I got sectioned. Don't I look sane, eh? Bizarre.


  1. You think that outfit looks sane? haha! i'm just kidding

  2. My daughter dresses like this, I love that she is her own person. I am hoping things get better for you very soon:)