Sunday, 18 November 2012


I got sectioned this year on about the 28th of August, in Colchester. That was mid-week and my birthday is the 1st of September. I need to get a complaint in, actually, just thinking about it, 'cause the team who sectioned me told me did so under a set of conditions, none of which were met. Half the time, prisoners have more rights than psych patients, swear down. Actually, yanno, the section itself needs my bitchings- I agreed to go voluntarily so they shouldn't have sectioned me anyway. I really do like complaining. BUT ANYWAY. Ginge got her gears going to get me transported to the nuthut in Scunthorpe, 'cause being in hospital 5 hours from home is a bit of a shitter. Also, Scunny nuthut is dead nice- you get an ensuite and I've been in so many times that I get know all of the staff, dead well, hahahaha. I virtually am a staff member, just a particularly lazy one ;).

So I got woken up on that Saturday, my 22nd birthday, at about 7 and was given an injection and several pills before I had a clue what was going on. Somehow (I vaguely remember sitting between two nurses who wanted me to eat grapes, in a taxi or ambulance car or some other type of car or summat), absolutely off my tits on all the drugs they gave me, I found myself hours later in Scunny's psychiatric intensive care. By evening, which I can only just sort of remember from, I wasn't in much of a party mood. I think by then it'd been a few days since I'd taken any food or drink, so that plus all the drugs and just being locked up again, didn't make for much of a birthday, so I decided I just wasn't going to have it. No cards or presents or a thing.

So we had my birthday this weekend. My brother lives in London, so me and Ginge went down on Friday and went to the Natural History Museum 'cause I bloody LOVE dinosaurs. And whales and anything really big. Then on to the V&A and I got such a hard-on over all the clothes on show and finally for cocktails. Saturday, my brother and his friend took us around London by foot (Ginge and I are now hobbling 'cause of our shitty joints), including a mini tour of watering holes. Now we're back and exhausted, but it was great to get away, away from all the money stresses and the depression and isolation, just for a few days. I'll give you the link to the Facebook album, 'cause I can't be arsed uploading owt proper onto here...

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I am happy to hear you were able to have some sort of birthday celebration even if it was after the fact... :)

    It was nice connecting with you on Facebook, message me anytime:)