Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cold weather and baby steps.

I hate the cold. There are few parts of my body that it doesn't kill. My fingers and toes are purple, my joints are crumbling and my skin isn't too great a fan, either. Living in England, rain I can handle. Grey weather in 'summer'... that's ok, too. I should really be able to cope with the cold too, it comes every bloody year (and for a lot of the year, tropical we are not), but as soon as Raynaud's season comes, so does my whinging.

The medication for it makes me faint and dizzy, so it's a bit of a trade off- I had to come off it last year 'cause I was fainting left right and centre, but now I'm not at uni and spending all day doing fuck all, why the hell not add fainting in a few times? Give me summat to do, like. I'm so bored and so isolated, 'cause I still can't get out of the house without Ginge, although I did manage to get into my CPN's car yesterday. After a coupla panic attacks, but still. Baby steps.

Speaking of yesterday, my CPN took me for an ECG and bloods. The ECG was fine, they always make me giggle 'cause they're so softly-softly as they explain the amount of clothing you have to take off/undo for one, never assuming that I've had so many that I could do it myself if they let me loose with the machine and the stickers and the wires and all that balls. The bloods were quite funny though, apparently my veins are easy to find, but full of air, I shot a vial a good metre purely from the air being released. I was excited when I saw it go, 'cause I presumed my blood had gone squirting out like a tacky slasher film, but sadly not.

I don't have any great insights today, just that I HATE COLD WEATHER and being underweight is making it even worse. I've managed to reign in my weight loss, maintain and not lose, but that means I'm still a while off the target of a BMI of 17, making shit-all progress to get up there. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.


  1. I can relate
    I live in Ireland so it's freezing here at the moment, the cold gets in to your bones

    Good luck with your recovery x

  2. Baby steps Rebecca... I am happy to hear you have maintained... not easy.

    I HATE cold too... we are not friends, yet I still love Canada, especially my Nova Scotia.

    I wish you lived closer:)