Friday, 7 December 2012

This isn't a friendship, a game or a lifestyle.

Anorexia. Bulimia. And every other form of eating disorder. These aren't your friends, they're not even like the sodding person next door that you just nod a hello at every now again; they're mental illnesses, killer diseases. And so fuck this Ana/Mia cutesy-cutesy bullshit, personifying a killer disease by giving it a pretty name, talking about Ana leaving you and Mia making you weak, or whatever. Good old Ana, boo on that Mia. These are mental illnesses with the highest fatality rate of any other mental illness, no less. I know how different the desires of the disease can be from those of your true self, if you can still hear it whispering in the back of you mind, but let's be serious for a fucking second, OK? There's a reason they don't call cancer a cutesy name, do you know why? Can you guess from the theme of this paragraph? Because it's a fucking killer disease.

So piss right off with your Ana/Mia bullshit. This isn't a friendship, a game or a lifestyle. It's a disease. If you go on an 'Ana diet' and really want to be a size fucking zero, if you beg for Ana/Mia to come rescue you, you truly have no idea of the horrors of the illness. If eating a low amount of calories makes you feel good, if that's your lifestyle, you're clueless. Lucky you.

This is more aggressive than my usual style, I realise. I'm not opening this up for discussion, I don't want to hear your reasonings and excuses, not until they start calling AIDS 'Ada' and discussing the best places/ways to get it, or to progress your preliminary HIV to that stage, because you're wrong. In roughly 6 months, I've known two girls die of Anorexia. One in summer, one last night. I knew them. I didn't read about them- there are thousands more to be read about- I'm talking about girls I knew in real life, albeit from hospital, girls I breathed the same air as. Gone.

The only way to win with Anorexia is to die from it. There aren't any losers, just the winners- those cold corpses- and those who forfeited- clawed their way away from the disorder and chose to live. You can let go, take yourself out of the race, the eternal quest for thinness. You can choose to live.... or you keep trying to win, and eventually you do. You die. There are two ways out of Anorexia. And I have no idea what to do right now.


  1. I saw your FB status & agree with you entirely, EDs are fatal and ugly no matter how this might be disguised...there shouldn't even be any debate about this.

  2. I say we both take a chance and work on this food addiction... we both need to learn to eat healthy. I don't want to be big anymore, I want to get down to a comfortable size and that would not be a size zero, I am thinking 10-12;)

  3. i agree, EDs are deadly and need to be taken seriously. I pray that none of us will be taken from our lives by them.