Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sending Condron to Coventry.

That title there is literal; nobody could stop talking to me, I'm the type of person you either have to tell to shut up, or to ask what the balls I'm taking (to answer, a whole host of psycho-tropic meds. Plus iron. Enough iron to make my shit dark green). Wait, do you either get what I'm on about now? The phrase 'sending to Coventry' means to ignore someone to the point you act as if they don't exist. So in this literal reading... CONDRON IS GOING TO (real life) COVENTRY. Not just for shits and giggles, but really and truly taking a trip to the West Midlands to go see Daddy Condron, on Sunday. I've got leave for a day, granted with escorts from the ward, but even so, 'cause I'm a damn good little mental. I'm pretty chuffing thrilled. I had to get fattened up for it, which was made easier by the fact that I binged dead heavy last week, 'cause I was so run down and stressed about everything I mentioned previously. It's the one time bingeing ever bloody pays (it's usually just bloody expensive).

So that's that. Apart from that, I'm finding this week dead hard. Not as hard as last, but I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Life on this kind of ward is exhausting, at the best of times. Groups run from 9-3, with a break until half 6 when we have a half hour meeting. It doesn't sound a lot, but when you're battling all kinds of monsters, which had been your full-time occupation in other units or at home, it's like working two 9-5 days at once. Add to that meds that generally have sedative effects and it's not usual to have the ward quiet after 3, when naps are the main priority. It's tough and although I'm now as used to it as I'm probably going to get, I could still do with them doing the French style week where you get Wednesdays off.

My eating isn't great, either. NGs have been threatened, but I'm not going down that road, not for the millionth time. That path is too well travelled, so I've to get back on track, from tomorrow. They won't let me go on Sunday if I haven't, so I have at least got that carrot (not that I'd eat the carrot ;)) in front of me. WISH ME LUCK, BITCHEZ.


  1. Best of luck

    Take care of you (although I know it's futile to say that in the face of this illness) x

  2. I wish you luck Rebecca, I want you to have that time with your family... do what you must... I think spending time with people you love will be awesome for you:)