Thursday, 2 January 2014

My hopes for you.

I hope that your head is used for thinking up wild adventures and making plans for the future. I hope you change things for the better and use the dark times to inspire you to fight for better.

I hope you know that you can fight for better.

I hope your eyes show you the wonders of the world. I hope they also show you the horrors, and I hope you use this mix to see you're in a unique position to change things.

I hope you know that you are unique.

I hope your mouth bubbles over with words of love and words of power. I hope you are brave enough to be honest, but that you always have tact and compassion. I hope you inspire and are inspired and I hope that your words shock even yourself, at times.

I hope you know that you are inspirational.

I hope that your hands make art and are waved around excitedly when you're passionate and excited. I hope that they reach out to the great and the good.

I hope you know that you are great and good.

I hope your body dances and leaps. I hope you fill it with the right amount of delicious things. I hope you wrap it around somebody you love and that you also treat it with love.

I hope you know that you are loved.

I hope your legs carry you to amazing places, and always towards the good. I hope they move you towards a future better than your present.

I hope you know that you have a future.

I hope your life is balanced; filled with everything you need, and some of what you want. I hope you can harness all the good and the bad, and that you can accept both excited passion and restful calm.

I hope you have passion and I hope you have calmness.

And more than anything, I hope that you don't suffer.

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  1. Rebecca, these are lovely hopes and desires... I hope so many of these for you... I am so thrilled for you that you were able to get home for a few days... I hope this means that you will be given a little more time to visit your family and friends at home :)