Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fairness and luck.

If there's one phrase that really rattles me, it's that life isn't fair. Actually, there are a fair few phrases that irritate me, but that really takes the bloody chocolate Hobnob. I don't think I ever held the illusion that life is fair, but I also don't think that I will ever stop hoping for it to be and fighting for better. The thing I've learnt most during this hospital admission, in particular, is that I need to pick my battles. That said, I don't think striving for equality through fairness is a battle that I ought not to fight. Anyway.

Another phrase that annoys me is the whole idea of wishing one luck. Life is for the lucky. Out of all the potential people, we are the ones who lived. We avoided infertile parents, accident and fatal disease. If luck is a thing- which I don't particularly think it is, because believing in luck is like believing in just another god- then we are all swimming in it, just by virtual of our hearts beating and our brains processing. Art and love, which is intrinsic to life, is just more luck that surrounds us. I don't wish you luck for the future, but I do wish for you to create your own luck and life.

Life is luck; luck isn't a thing. The concept of fairness is difficult in itself because the things we think of as fair depends upon its own circumstance. I could agree that what happened to me wasn't fair, but the fact that I'm alive now proves that I wasn't unlucky. Life, I suppose, is messy.

I'm exhausted and stressy and I'm not sure I'm making much sense. Fight for better, but accept that your achievements in this area are not luck; they're through hardwork. Work. Love. Create.

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  1. I don't believe in luck either.. I believe you make your own luck. Some of us are dealt more difficult hands, we have to work harder to turn it around... that isn't fair but really... what is fair... you are so right Rebecca...