Thursday, 15 May 2014


And now... it gets complicated. To follow on from my last post, the consultant on the gastro ward refused to admit me because the ward is mostly used to refeeding drug addicts and s/he didn't think it was the right environment for me. Now, I'm not one to judge; I see a bloody alcohol worker, for a bloody reason (although, she's so lovely that she lets me use our sessions, right now, to rant about my Anorexia and its mismanagement). I really couldn't give a damn who the other people on the ward are, especially given the fact that because I'm sectioned I'd have to have a worker from this hospital with me at all times. I think, really, s/he couldn't be arsed with taking on 'The Anorexic' (in cases like this, capitalisation is necessary). I found this out yesterday and got told that I'd have to be moved to an ED unit.

I saw the ward manager yesterday and she told me that she's working on getting around the consultant on gastro saying no. Then the ward doctor told me a bit later I was getting assessed for an ED unit, on Monday. I saw the ward manager a few hours later and she told me they'd put in a complaint with what's basically the OFSTED of hospitals, because due to my BMI, the consultant can't refuse me. I know, complex. It just really boils down to a bit more time left languishing, a bit more weight loss that I'll have to put back on. In short, a bit more of a bloody mess.

I'm ok, though. I don't want you to think I'm not, because I'm fine. A bit numb and totally exhausted, but I'm trying to just let whoever get on with whatever, and trust in their abilities. I just wish somebody could tell me what's going to happen from here, and I hope that the answer isn't that my weight is going to drop further and I'm going to be further up shit creek.


  1. Oh my gosh Rebecca... it isn't like you don't have enough challenges... I hope they get around this soon... before you lose much more weight.

    Your last post made me feel as if you had a little hope... hold on to that, don't let go. I will send out massive positive thoughts for you...

  2. Sounds like a mess! I hope it all works out but I'll be sending you happy thoughts.