Monday, 8 September 2014

An open letter to a TGI's manager.

Hi, Emma.

I don't know if you remember me. I'm the girl in the heaving TGI Friday in Meadowhall, on Saturday. I'm the girl trying to overcome anorexia. I'm the girl who noticed that there were too many people around, for me to be able to eat. I'm the girl who started what could have been a full breakdown, over the thought of people seeing me eat. I'm the girl you took into the office at your restaurant, sat me down, gave me water. I'm the girl for whom you arranged a table right at the back. I'm the girl who spilled her heart out, because I was so touched. I'm the girl who is still touched.

I've been on the brunt of total ignorance where it comes to mental illness, and it's become something I expect. Having to cover my ears because the voices get too loud, trembling. Petrified by life. When once you meet somebody like you, you who went so totally out of your way to accommodate me, it's such a buzz that I'm still riding it.

I suppose I should expect more from people. I've been hurt so much and so many times that I expect everyone is only ever out for themselves. Your time and care showed me that there are genuinely good people, people who appreciate the difficulty of the battle and the fight. I ate that day, despite me struggling to fight at all right now, because I was so honoured by your actions. I fought because when somebody goes above and beyond, even if it sounds simple, it makes me want to pay it forward. It's the moments like that that makes me thing maybe the world isn't as dark as it often feels.

I'm back in hospital now. Like I told you, I've been in for 2 years and I'm slowly recovering. First thing I did when I got back, was tell my friends here, and the staff, how amazing you were. They've seen me cry over a bran flake, not so long ago, and watched me deteriorate and almost die, a few months back. It's those friends who know best how difficult it is to handle their illness in the public, and how most people will stop and perhaps stare, often afraid.

It's the things that seem small and simple that make the biggest impact.
Thank you so much; I can't even express it,
Rebecca <3 nbsp="">


  1. Beautiful post Rebecca
    You have a way with words
    I am so glad that you got to experience the kindness that most people have inside them

    Keep fighting girl
    You are more than worth it
    I could tell you how my life turned around
    How a miracle happened to me
    But you need to experience that yourself
    And it can happen
    I am walking talking proof of that

    Sending you love today x

  2. Rebecca... I love your gratitude for the small things... I'm grateful she stepped up to help you... keep fighting, you are so worth it ...

  3. This woman sounds absolutely wonderful, and I'm sure from the gratitude you display, that she was happy to offer you help. It restores faith in the process and why we should fight x