Friday, 10 October 2014

World Mental Health Day

I was going to have a bit of a rant about how mental health awareness is given just one day a year, but you know what? That's not true. Check out Young Minds, par example, on social media- they're an incredible charity, looking all year round at the problems that can cause or exacerbate poor mental health in young people. There are a lot of people working really hard to make it so one year we just won't need this day, we will have a year of awareness, because society will have shifted. Here's hoping, anyway.

I posted on social media today that I'd answer any MH related question, whether about poor mental health in general, or more personal. I'm going to share my favourite question with you, and how I answered it....

Matt- I'm going to ask you the same question Stephen Fry poses in his bipolar documentary (and the one my Mum answered that surprised me!) If there was a big red button in front of you that would take it all away and make you 'normal' ... Would you press it?

Me- Depends on how you define 'normal'- if normal is having no mental health problems, then yes. The highs are great at the time, but the fallout from them- the sections, the vulnerable positions I put myself in, the hurt and worry it causes my family, the relationships that have been ruined- then yes. Definitely. To be able to eat because I'm peckish or fancy something, that would be nice. The lows and anxiety, obviously, please take. But if normal is, well, average, then no way. I'm not my mental illnesses and I think going through all of this, meeting so many people from units, has probably made me a better, more interesting person. Take the illness, but keep the lessons learnt and the complete oddity that is my personality.


  1. What an amazing question
    And beautifully answered
    I agree with everything you said

    Hope you're doing ok
    I read but don't always comment
    Always rooting for you
    And sending well wishes your way x

  2. Rebecca, that question was answered perfectly... sometimes the pain of things we have to deal with are overwhelming but the lessons that come from it, end up being worth it... even if we don't always see it right away. I adore your honesty :)