Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Hey, you. You. Stand up. I didn't mean that literally, but if you did, then stamp. Stamp about the injustices served on you. Stamp on the things you tell yourself in the dead of night. Stamp on everything you've been told, and pause to smile at the good things that you've learnt. Stamp on your demons. In fact, take a dagger to them, because they're not as strong as you are. I know it hurts and I know sometimes the demons are all that you feel you have, but take that dagger. Own it. You have and are so much more. I promise.

You are so damn beautiful and you contain a lot more than hurt and pain. Your beauty comes from so many waves and places, crevices you never knew your yearning body has, as gorgeous as your mind and your love. You are not your past. You shouldn't have to relive what they did to you, and one day you won't. Just know, that every day you make it out of bed, you are a phoenix rising from the ashes of days gone, that burn you from the inside out. You're fighting even harder than you know. And those days where you don't rise are just, well, days. Do whatever you have to, to survive, but remember that although the sun sets, it does always rise.

You're strong, stronger than you feel now. One day you'll see it. See the beauty that surrounds you, see the beauty inside of you.  You'll recognise how you fought for all aspects of life; the good and bad, no longer numbed and explosive.

Please, please keep rising. If I could, I'd introduce my demons to yours, and let them fight each other, rather than us. They will never win, not against us, and the fact that you're still here just proves that. You may have nearly died, you may have wanted to more than you've ever wanted anything else, but it can't last. It just can't. Please, please look after yourself. If you can't be happy- and that's absolutely fine, because one day you will- at least be as safe as you can be. Please. It's ok to ask for help. It's ok not to be ok. But one day, you little warrior, you will be more than ok. I have faith in you, even when you don't in yourself, because you see only the negative and I don't, I love it all.

Fight, I know how much it hurts and it's messy, but it'll be worth it. We'll do this.


  1. Yes Rebecca, we should always fight for ourselves and never give up on our dreams... we can get passed the past... it does not own us, even if it feels that way sometimes xox

  2. were in this together fighting all the way... our demons don't define us there just that and us well were warriors