Saturday, 24 January 2015

10(ish) facts about me. Part one.

This blog, naturally, is all about my mental health. My mental health problems are centric to my life, given that I'm in a psychiatric hospital and have been for years. But the more well I get, the more I realise that I'm not the anorexic, the girl who's always wasted, or that mental one in the corner. I'm not exactly sure who or what I am, but here's the challenge and here's the challenge I put to you... List 10 facts about yourself that have nothing to do with your mental health or whatever demons you're beating. You are not your past, your past merely shapes your present, but doesn't have to shape your future. No negatives about yourself, alright? Here goes.

1. Once upon a time, I was a university student. I made the mistake of ignoring everything I knew about southerners, and went down to Essex for it. Do not make that mistake. Southerners may look like us (well, they're usually cleaner and more, like, kind of shiny). but they are freaks. They don't have gravy with their chips and you can't get a double vodka for anything less than the price of a house in Scunthorpe.

2. The ultimate compliment to me is when people physically recoil from some of my bizarre (and downright ugly, in many cases) clothing choices. I can't even call them fashion choices.

3. I can more or less recite The Great Gatsby.

4. I think my skin is a really great show of the person I am. I have billions of freckles on the left side of my face, but only a few on the right side. I get random hairs pretty much anywhere, from time to time. That shows I'm odd and messy, get what I mean? No? Just me? That's cool.

5. I'm finding this really hard, actually. That probably says more about me than my skin does, because coming up with things about me, that are positive, is so difficult. I need to be nicer to myself. I might have to do this in two parts, especially because it's making me need a smoke.

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  1. Rebecca, I think it is tough to come up with good things about ourselves, we seem to be our own worst enemies.. I work hard at coming up with some positives and over the years I have begun to see them..

    I am glad you are trying to see the good ... just from reading you over the years, I would say you are a kind individual ... You are incredibly sweet, not sure you like people to know that an you are very intelligent... I love reading your thoughts always xox