Thursday, 5 February 2015

How're you?

I absolutely completely hate stopping still. All that stuff about stopping and smelling the roses? They just smell of manure- completely overrated. I'd rather be stressed to hell about stuff I feel like I need to do, than to, well, have time to think. I'm an obsessive (no shit, right?) mess, but at least it gives me drive. Ginge has always said it's a pity I'm not OCD for cleaning, if I have to be OCD at all.

My latest little stress-head subject has been around today. It's Time to Talk day today, which is a day for sitting and engaging with other people, to begin to make mental health a subject that isn't closed away. I was stressing about spending this morning at Huddersfield Uni, catching students for a chat and wondering about how receptive people would actually be (we had tea and sweets though, so I knew that was all that really mattered. Oh, those student types). And you know what? It turned out, I spent it speaking to some really brilliant and inspiring people, sharing our stories in ways that it feels like we mustn't any other time. A lot of people take abridge to the idea of Time to Talk because every day is a struggle when you have mental health problems, but it's not about that. It's about having a safe space and time, even if it's just to send a 'hi, how're you?' message to somebody you care about.

Take the challenge, but take it any day. Spend 5 minutes talking honestly, none of this 'oh, I mustn't complain' nonsense that we Brits are so great for. Don't close the door, retreat or shut up. I'm scarred from the battle and I've lost a lot of people to it, but I'm winning the war and that's what really matters. So be nice to yourself, because it's the only way to be victorious. It's all ok. I promise.

I can't go into this as much as I wish I could right now, because my list of stresses is sky high. I'm ok though, and you will be, too. So, that said... How ARE you?

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  1. This is awesome Rebecca... I think we all need that place or person that we can just say what we feel... even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes... what is normal anyway? I am pretty sure I am not, nor do I want to be... I like being unique... maybe that is why I like you, you are pretty unique and that is awesome xox