Friday, 10 April 2015

The list that wasn't.

There are two things that people always try to drill in to me, with the best of intentions. Actually, there are a lot more than two things, to be fair, so SCRATCH WHAT I SAID AT THE BEGINNING (I know I could just delete my original claim, but this way is much more dramatic). I think I'll do a list and explain the problems I'm kid of having with them. Warning: I over-think. No shit, eh?

-Perfection is not posssible.
I know this is somewhat obvious and a bit eye-rolling-y when people say it, because it's too general. Can I be the perfect version of who I am? Is that possible? Also, why isn't perfection full stop possible? It's a commonplace word so it has to mean something. I want always to climb higher, push further and- screw baby steps- run like a beast. It's not always, yanno, practical, but I think as long as you're happy and not hurting anybody, why can't that be perfect? Sounds good to me.

-You're doing really well!
I need to go a bit easy on this one, because when I'm feeling ok, like now, I'm pretty sure I'm kicking arse. Don't get me wrong, I'm sitting, in my pyjamas, writing this and watching daytime tele. I'm still unable to go outside alone and I'm not- Wait. No. I could over-think this one, like the previous one, or I could just leave it at the fact I'm kicking arse.


Ok, scratch my list because picking on yourself is not ok, ok? Kidding, do whatever you need to. And right now, I need to sit in the sunshine with some Pepsi Max and cigs. Maybe, sometimes, other people might just be right (please don't tell anyone I said that).

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  1. I won't tell anyone you said that... :)... I hope you enjoyed the sunshine... we have had more here, now if the nasty snowbanks would thaw out, I would be able to sit outside too xox