Monday, 22 June 2015


Alright, if you know me in person be prepared to laugh. I, Rebecca Condron, who spent years refusing to do PE in case it chipped my nails (which is actually hilarious because I'm way too lazy to always be perfectly groomed. Or groomed much at all), who pretended to be sad every time she was told to stop exercising (I never really bothered with exercise anyway) and who can't go 5 minutes before tripping over her own feet (I'm only a size 4, so it's quite a skill) has gone and...

Oh God, seriously, oh God...

I am terrified to announce that I've signed up to run a blumin' 10k. That's probably 9k more than I've walked in the last week. Like, seriously, my life revolves around SITTING DOWN. And watching MTV. Oh God.

Anyway, it's all good because I've running for b-eat, the UK's eating disorder charity. Obviously it's a really, really big deal and so close to my heart. I will not lose another friend. I just won't. And by the same token, I will not be lost to my loved ones. It's exciting to know that it's a fresh start- I've already thought that I need to tell my dietitian and get her to help me plan a healthier diet than my current one (I get the right amount of calories, don't worry, but usually in the form of junk. Today's breakfast was three packs of Chip Sticks, par example) and that's something I would not have done at all before. It's not going to be used by my anorexia as a way to lose weight; it's going to be used by me, the part of me that is pure Rebecca Condron, to raise as much as I possibly can for the cause.

So be prepared for odd little pop up progress report along the way. Right, it's not even until last year, but I honestly can't run more than about 5m right now, so I'm starting training today. I've also got some other fundraising ideas that I'm proper excited for, but will post about in due course and I'll whack up my fundraising page when I have everything in line. So until then, just laugh. Seriously. It's ok, everyone I've told in person is dying at the idea of it. Dear me.

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  1. I wish you the best Rebecca... I think you can do whatevet you put your mind to...xox

    I had wanted to do a 10K in the Fall but it looks like it won't be until next Spring... I've never even run a full 5K.. a lot of walking and jogging but I'd love to a complish a 10K ♡