Monday, 1 June 2015


A year ago, I took a selfie when I was extremely unwell in a gastro ward, and then another after I got out. I wrote a couple of posts, this one was at the start of NG refeeding and this one was when I started refeeding orally (hello, I'm 24 and I still think the word oral is funny). The whole idea was a 'before and after', but, to be honest, I was pretty screwed up when both posts were written. Even now, sometimes I convince myself that if whatever I'm currently eating is the last thing I'll ever take, then life will be simple and easy. But it won't be that, nor will it be the last thing I eat. There won't be a last ANYTHING for me for a good 60 years or so. I'm not ready to depart; there's still so much to do.

So I'm going focus on that, to do something a bit different and spam some photos on here, of amazing times, all in the 2 months since my discharge, all made possible by my health. These are the real 'after' shots. This is health and recovery. This is working your arse off. This is freedom and happiness. This is acknowledging that there's no such thing as perfect recovery and some days won't go to plan; in fact, they might seem like hell. This is life and death. And this is most definitely the start of something beautiful.



  1. Just beautiful Rebecca
    You shine as bright as any star x

  2. Rebecca.. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for you ... you really a beautiful and unique soul... it's why I am drawn to you xox