Thursday, 16 July 2015

Work tutus.

THINGS ARE COMING UP CONDRON. I have work. Grown up work where I'll pop down to London (after my interview I drank beer with an old, very posh man called Quentin, in Kings Cross. It would have been very London if we both weren't northern. And if southerners ever talked to strangers. But we judged people queueing up to get to Platform 9 3/4 so it was pretty London) for meetings and have a Royal College of Psychiatrists ID. The job is pretty exciting, but the ID? Insert some kind of heart emojie, right here. The whole thing is a bit bloody exciting and I'm all set to kick arse, going into units and making recommendations and talking to patients and just generally trying to improve services, which is pretty perfect. It's amazing I even got it, to be honest, because before I even introduced myself to the interviewing panel, I got really excited about the chairs in the interview room and told them I would steal one if they were a bit smaller. Seriously. I only just got there too, because my train was cancelled. then I got lost on the tube. My brother never used to travel with me, because my trains are always dead late or cancelled. 

The only problem so far has been the fact that everyone keeps telling me that there is no such thing as a work tutu. In fact, before I even really thought about it, a few people popped up to ask what I would wear, and my best friend immediately told me I couldn't wear a tutu. Harsh. Work tutus ARE a thing, but I'll maybe wait until I have a tenured job, before I introduce the world to them and just hope that by then I'm not, like, dead by then. My best friend also went as far as to buy me a blouse and skirt for my induction next week, because she didn't trust my taste, hahahaha. Apparently, if you talk about tutus enough, people buy you clothes. It probably works even better if you're a man.

I finally, finally, feel like I might be moving forward. My weight has been steady and healthy for about 6 months. I eat. I jog 5 times a week. I have a job. I AM A STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN (and that's a bit weird to say. Good weird, but still weird).

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  1. Wow Rebecca, I am so proud of you... by the way if you get to wear the tutu... I want to see a picture of it... :)

    I am sure you will do an amazing job... I am back... working on becoming better myself, it seems like an endless job that never ends... oh well, we just keep working at it xox