Friday, 30 October 2015

Anna Rexia hallowe'en costume.

Every year at this time, the Anna Rexia costume rears its ugly head. Now, I'm not going to say that I'm cheap, but I am perpetually skint, so I thought I'd give you some tips on how to achieve the perfect Anorexia themed Hallowe'en costume, for a fraction of the cost. There are a few really, really great things about Anorexia. One is that it doesn't just affect the sufferer but also the people around the sufferer, so you can make it a group costume. Another is that there's a thing called The Rule of Three. It's pretty straightforward- a third recover, a third suffer all their lives and a third die.

It all makes creating an Anna Rexia costume all the more fun. You get to decide between looking well but feeling crap; forcing a tube up your nose, crying hysterically and smelling like you're already dead; or making yourself invisible but having a crew of people around you screaming, hurt and blaming themselves.

For the Anorexia recovery costume, to really get into it, wear loose clothes and for a few days before, have somebody follow you around 24 hours a day, screaming at you about your size, your looks, your lack of worth and how you don't deserve to be well. Recovery is a relative term- so don't worry, because you can still create a costume because you can never unlive years of abuse inflicted. For extra points, add swollen limbs, a limp from crumbling joints and random patches of hair, all from a history of malnutrition. For your posse, have them watching you intently and walking on eggshells in case they say something that puts you back. Be creative! You might end up looking semi-normal, but this costume is all about nuance.

For a costume based on the idea of continuous suffering with Anorexia, there are so many great ways to go! Start with the recovery costume, but there are a few more features that are worth adding. Think: zombie. To prepare, a good few nights without sleep is a good way to go- pale and waxy skin, black eyes, an aura of exhausted defeat. The smell of Anorexia is a mix of death and terrible breath (that you can't get rid of by brushing your teeth, because it comes from your insides and hangs thick in the air), which is pretty hard to replicate, but maybe don't brush your teeth and eat some gym socks. Contouring may be fashion right now, but up the ante- not everyone with an eating disorder is a walking skeleton, but why let truth get in the way of a good costume? For extra oompf, take a straw and shove it up your nose and stick yourself in a wheelchair. As for your posse? Have them follow you around and beg you not to die. Tears are a good addition and having them walk around with plates of different foods that they periodically try to push onto you is even better.

The costume for the third of people with Anorexia who die is the most effective. Suicide is a domino and so you and some of your posse should just stay home, in coffins. The rest of them may as well also be in coffins, because premature death breeds living death.

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  1. Rebecca, I hope that people that read this can see the very unglamorized version of anorexia...the damage it does to your body is really out done by what it does to you emotionally.

    It's so sad what people have to deal with in their lives that make them feel so unworthy that dying seems like the only option.

    I wish we could all see our worth no matter what we've had to deal with, as we are not what has happened to us... Rising above it is very difficult though...

    Hugs to you ♡ xox