Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Moving on.

I don't exactly get nervous, but I am prone to ridiculous levels of excitement. When most people would get a bit nervy, I tend to be bouncing off the walls and saying really dodgy things. Actually, any strong emotion for me tends to bring out excitement- I'm like a puppy- but especially nerves. Like the time I walked into a job interview and told the panel I was going to steal a chair. Or at my uni interview last week when I told them to let me in 'because I'm very nice. Unless you read my social media!' Honestly, I just should not be allowed to talk. 

BUT ANYWAY, I bloody went and bloody got in! As of September I'll be a student mental health nurse at Sheffield Hallam. It's all cracking. I keep squealing. 

Life moves on, who would have thought? I always knew the earth spun and leg hair grew, but I thought bodily hair would be the only growth that would occur for me. The rut I was stuck in felt like it was all there was. But here we go, I'm getting on. I'm not going to get all cheesy, but hey, life goes on.

Speaking of moving on, I'm going to literally be doing that. Moving, that is. I was always the laziest/least talented person in any PE class at school. I was guaranteed to be picked for teams close to last and after a few years of secondary just flat out refused to participate. My hair hurts, my tooth itches, any excuse was valid for my lack of participation- I got less and less convincing with my excuses as the teachers realised there was no point in me even trying. I was a nightmare. In fact, my PE teacher told my mum she'd never met anyone before who hated the subject as much as me. I was the least active anorexic going.

I told you that background because I'm doing a 10k in May and I thought it might make you more likely to sponsor me. Don't get me wrong, it's all true, but I hope you realise me doing a 10k is like somebody else doing 10 marathons, fact. Here's my link, go be lovely...

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  1. Congratulations on getting into uni that is so awesome. .. I'm happy for you Rebecca ♡♡♡

    Good luck with 10k .. I think you can do it xox