Monday, 25 April 2016


Things have been a biiiit hectic recently, so I thought I'd do a quick life update, because it seems to have been a while since I have. As ever, things are up and down, although definitely more up than down. I sometimes worry that I'm becoming greedy- for a long while back there I would have begged all the gods I don't believe in for a few good days a week. Then I just was desperate for more good days than bad. These days, I maybe have one really awful day a week and I'm so very hungry for fewer, please. It's like how you don't realise you want chocolate until you have a bit and need to eat Charlie's entire factory.

Speaking of which, my eating disorder still seems to be giving me some peace. My body image is still terrible (I won't go into all my current insecurities now, but that may come another day), but my diet isn't too bad. Besides the last few days (I'm hormonal af), I've not been eating as much as I should, but probably not a lot less than a person without a history of anorexia, on a diet. I'm trying to lose a little weight without going off the deep end. It's dancing on the edge of the abyss, I know, but it seems to be going fine so far. I'll always have to be extremely careful, food-wise, but I think it's all going to be ok. Better than ok.

Work is good, too. I go into forensic mental health units and review them and I love it. I love that I'm learning things and terms and all sorts that will help me when I'm a nurse, I love that I'm always getting to meet and chat to different people and I love being in environments where all my experiences are of benefit. I've only got a few more reviews before uni starts, but they're all in the next few weeks. Literally, last week I was in Doncaster, this week I'm in Warrington, next week I'm in Nottingham, two weeks after that I'm in Poole (funny story: I thought Poole was Manchester way on when I signed up. Actually, it's over 6 hours away, hahaha), then the week after that I'm in London. Bussssssy.

I'm ready for uni to start though, apart from how busy I am atm. There has been so much paperwork to do for it (I had chickenpox Christmas 1993 and they even want to know what meds I took for it) and I've not even started student finance. In case you've never dealt with Student Finance England, let me just tell you I once nearly lost my arm because of burns and that was not nearly as painful as SFE.

My love life is pretty excellent. I'm one half of the grossest couple ever and not sorry at all. Especially when I'm drunk. Do not ask me about her when I'm drunk. Seriously.

I think that about covers everything! So please excuse how dull I'm sure this was, and normal service will return shortly ;)

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  1. I wish we as women loved our bodies more... I'm not sure how to get there. Unfortunately there are so many things that affect us...

    I don't have the answer. .. I hope the answer comes somehow.. ♡♡♡