Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Because you deserve the best.

This post is for you.

You've smelt rotten death, tasted sickly destruction, felt the rough underside of this life, heard the cry of finality and seen unimaginable horrors.

You've also smelt the soft spot on a newborn's head or the perfume of someone you love or your grandma's home cooking. You've smelt freshly mown grass or the salt of the sea or the clean at the end of a spell of rain. You've smelt new paper or recently laid out paint or old books.

You've also tasted the first sloppy kiss of your childhood or a hot drink on a cold day or something that was made with love. You've also tasted a snow drop on your tongue straight from the sky or an ice lolly on a hot day or a last chip at the bottom of your bag. You've also tasted the anticipation of a new book by your favourite author or the end of a pen as you nibbled mid-thought or the goodnight kiss from your favourite person.

You've also felt the peachy softness of a baby's cheek or the grasp of someone who will never let you go or the story told by a wrinkle. You've also felt the crunch of fresh ice or the sunshine on your face or the relief of air pressure lightening. You've felt the potential of a blank canvas or the smooth of a pen moulded to your fingers or etchings left on the other side of a written page.

You've also heard the babble of a toddler or a story that transports you away or old fisherman swapping tales of who caught the biggest fish. You've also heard the fall of rain on glass or the ripple of the tide or the quiet after the final crash of thunder of a storm. You've heard a tender lullaby or a reading from a book told in a way you'd never imagined or heard a fable that matches your place.

You've also seen the trust in an infant's eyes or that person who makes you forget to hate yourself or an elderly couple walking hand in hand. You've also seen a rainbow breaking through a whole lot of rain or sand blowing gracefully in the wind or the sun setting after a long day. You've also seen a natural colour brighter than you knew nature could produce or a piece of work you will always be proud of or a person you love drift off into what you know will be a peaceful sleep.

You've also smelt, tasted, felt, heard, seen new beginnings and comfortable consistencies and things that have naturally come to an end.

There is far, far more beauty and wonder out there than your demons will ever let you have access to. But it's there, right in front of you, and I promise you deserve it all.

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  1. We all deserve this... I hope we all believe this and actually see the good and beauty there is... I know I have to look for it more xox ♡♡