Thursday, 23 June 2016

Social media stalking.

I'm always unsure quite what the reasonable amount of facebook/twitter stalking is and how much to really admit to. I mean, it's probably best that you don't consider the social media your job unless you're earning from it. And you maybe don't tell the girl you worked with years ago that you stalk her because she has a really ugly baby (I try really hard to be a good person, but then I see an ugly baby and can't look away). What about, though, if the person whose profile you like to keep up to date on belongs to somebody who seems to somehow inspire you?

Apart from the old ugly baby mama, I generally just stalk people I admire. Not in a creepy way, mind, but purely in a 'look at you now!' sort of a way. Bear in mind a good portion of my friends have/have had mental health problems- whether they're online friends or from admissions- which makes me even more impressed to see their achievements. I know that viewing people through social media is to view them through a filter, but even with that in mind, a lot of my friends from those ill days have done amazingly. I'm pretty proud.

That's mostly facebook, though, because I don't really add or accept friend requests from people I don't know. On twitter, I'm even worse because I follow all manner of wonderful people. For a while, I followed people who riled me up, because in the way that some people work best under presssure, I work best under outrage. It's why I studied politics. I thrive on being het up and ready for a fight. I am from Scunthorpe, after all. I quickly realised that anger that can't be rained onto the right people ends up splashing all over people who don't deserve it. So I stopped. And I started following only people who truly interest or inspire me.

It makes social media a lot more rewarding if you know you're going to pop on to see your feeds full of people who make you happy. Whether it's pictures of your friends with their families, or people talking about fun days and achievments, or sharing funny stories or whatever, it's pretty great. Not that my feeds are exclusively full of unreserved joy. But what marks out the people on my feeds from people I've unfollowed on any site, is general optimism. Not every day is great, not every thought is inspiring, not every thing is happy. Some times, things suck and everything goes wrong. But there's potential. There's always potential for better.

But anyway, back to the idea of how much to admit to. Sometimes, I want to throw my (virtual, sure) arms around someone and tell them how proud I am of them, how much they push me, how much they entertain and inform me.

But that'd be a bit creepy, I'm sure, so just assume that I'm cheering you on and I think you are very, very incredible.

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  1. I think we all creep a little, especially when it is someone we care about or who inspires us... xox

    I am sorry about what happen in the UK this week... I am in shock and hoping against hope that the crazy guy in the US does not get voted in... otherwise the world really has gone crazy... xox