Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A job hunt and a trip.

I'm in Belgium right now, which is pretty bloody cool, so in a break from the usual mental health stuff (which will return when I'm home!) I thought I'd do a bit of a general catch up.

A lot of wonderful people have been wonderfully supportive since I was told I wouldn't be allowed to start uni. I'm not quite ready to laugh about it, but I am the only person I know who has been chucked out of two unis for mental health reasons (or any reason, actually), so thats cool. Sucks more this time because when I was thrown out of Essex, even though that was two thirds of the way into my degree, at least I was actually ill, as opposed to now. I'm killing it, dontcha know? But I'll be fine, I always am.

So I'm on a mad job hunt. Mad in a hectic rather than mental health way, that is. I've applied for one role in a hospital that would be a bugger to get to, so I'm more than cool if they don't fancy offering me the job. Then two roles that I have interviews for in a few weeks (side note: already panicking over wardrobe choices. Big boobs and awful dress sense is a killer combo. I always look more... booby than professional). Then two jobs that I want so badly but that I'm not sure my CV supports. Being signed off since I was 18 has a left a gap bigger than my chest on my CV. But both of those jobs would be amazing. To be fair, at this point any would be excellent.

But anyway, Belgium. My girlfriend Penny and I hopped on the Eurostar this morning and I was disappointed to discover that even though it's a train under the sea between England and France, you're actually just in a tunnel for 20 mins and you don't see any fish. Belgium seems cool though, it's drizzling in Brussels, so it's a lot like home so far. Except there were a shit tonne of army lads in the train station with giant guns. I was pointing and Penny kept muttering at me to act naturally. Sure we didn't look sus at all.

Tomorrow we're going to check out the European Parliament and go on a beer tour, then Thursday we're getting on the train to Bruges for a couple of nights. All very exciting. So exciting that Penny is fast asleep next to me because we were out of the house by 6 this morning. I'm running on sugar and political excitement. Fully expecting to be mardy as fuck tomorrow morning, mind (soz, Penny), but it's all good. I've also been using this as an opportunity to practise my French. Je voudrais les petits pois, s'il vous plait.

But I want beer now, so it's fiiiiiiiiine to wake the lady, I reckon.

Bonsoir! Bonne chance! Je t'aime! Et cetera!

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  1. Rebecca, I am happy to hear you were able to get away... and thrilled you went to Belgium... When I get to travel in Europe and I will.. I am going all over and not living in fear... I am sure you will do well with the job interviews... which I hope you get many, you can sell yourself... you are pretty awesome xox