Monday, 22 August 2016

Sacre bleu!

This last week has been intense. Good-intense, but busy-intense. I got a telling off from my optician because I don't clean my contact lenses (kids: look after your eyes, apparently they're important) and accidentally said 'sacre bleu' during a reading I did at my cousin's wedding. I got horrendously drunk, let my youngest cousins plan my future wedding (we're having cottage pie for the meal, even though I'm veggie and Penny doesn't like it) and somehow cut all my feet to the point that I can't get shoes on. So yes, it's been busy.

But forget all of that, because I come bearing good news... beepity beep, I have a full time job! I know this is exciting and significant fullstop, but it's especially great because I haven't had a full time job since I was 18. I'll be 26 next week, and I haven't been well enough to get clearance to work full time in all those years. 

I'm pretty excited (less excited about how early I'll have to be on a train to get to work, like. I think I'm on a 6am train there and I won't be home until 10pm. On the plus, because the shifts are epicly long, I'll only be working 3 days a week, so I can't complain too much!). I'm doing support work with people with diagnoses of learning disabilities and mental health conditions, so I'm expecting it to be really bloody hard. But I can do it, and I can do it well. Might have to develop a work wardrobe though, because even though there isn't a uniform, I don't think tutus are that appropriate. Gutted.

I don't have a start date yet, but they said it'll be a week or two. Hopefully more like two, because I have this niggling worry that I'll be starting on my birthday otherwise. And I'd rather kip in on my birthday, won't lie. ANYWAY, I don't have a great deal more to say (I have these mental lists of future blog topics, but I wanted to give a little life update before I say my next lil piece). The end.

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  1. I'm so happy you have a job... it is a long time to be away from home but it's good it's only a few days a week. I think you will be amazing in this career. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you xox ♡♡♡